Liverpool WaVeS

About Liverpool WaVeS

Liverpool WaVeS Music (LWM) is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is registered with company’s house UK.

Registration number: 14078282

LWM registered address and office location is:

Nordic Church and Cultural Centre, 138 Park Lane, Liverpool L1 8HG, UK


LWM as a community interest company does not affiliate itself with any political, religious or any other group or organisation that has views outside of LWI structures, aims and values.

LWM does not have any shareholders and as such any profits will be used to enhance the performance opportunities within the festivals and support the local communities to engage with music and performance. 

LWM welcomes all forms of music and associated art forms from around the world performed by any one regardless of their age, creed, ethnicity, orientation or disability.

LWM does not accept any applications from any group that has or is affiliated to organisations that have political, religious or any social prejudice views or supports any such organisations.

LWM aims to engage with and promote to young people and the wider communities of the UK and the world the positiveness of music and performance, by local, national and international groups coming together in Liverpool to perform and share their own cultures and values through music and performance.

LWM is not a competition which allows more groups to apply to be able to showcase their performances internationally.

LWM actively encourages youth to lead their youth and school bands. Giving them the opportunity to gain leadership and management skills.

LWM actively encourages music innovation by using instruments from one sector to create different performances in another that will inspire future generations to engage and experiment with music and all other associated art forms to help develop the individual to create their better future.