Liverpool WaVeS

Performers Brief & Application

For any bands interested in participating in Liverpool Waves please use the links below to register your interest or to find out more information

2024 Event

July 6th & 7th 2024

2025 Event

July 5th & 6th 2025

2026 Event

July 4th & 5th 2026

Liverpool WaVeS International Music and Marching Band Festival Application Information

Performers Brief

The festival is about entertainment. It is not a competition and we want the people taking part to enjoy the whole experience from the official invite when received, to all the preparation required as much as the people who will be watching the performances will have. 

The festival is not just for marching bands. We will be including orchestras, non-marching bands, choirs and dance groups. 

The invite is also extended to colour guards and cheerleader (baton twirling) groups as well. If you have these groups, you are welcome to invite them along and produce a visual show with them. If you are from a large organisation (such as a school) and you have other bands, orchestras, choirs, dance teams etc that you think would benefit from taking part please ask. There will be opportunities for you to do a joint performance using all of your groups. 

We will have street performances. Some will have the opportunity to entertain at our school shows (depending on dates), an opportunity (by audition) to show your field marching display and some will be selected to take part in our big community shows which, will be held in our main (ticketed) performance venue in Liverpool.

Besides this there will also be time to do some local sightseeing and shopping. 

Here are some of the basic rules. Please read the full rules and regulations.

Music selection has to be quality entertainment based and not technical. 

Music programmes will have to be submitted no later than 6 months prior to the festival start date for approval by the organisers and the performing rights society (PRS) who have to agree the programme and to cover payments to composers etc. 

One of the main objectives of the festival is youth opportunity. So, we are requesting that youth bands (including schools) limit the time adults are involved in the performances. Some of the best youth performances are the ones that the youth groups deliver for themselves without adults taking part. Standard goes up listening to each other and working together. If an MD is required it will be an ideal opportunity for a youth member to take that role in some situations. Scenario when does the sports or athletes coach actually take part on the field? 

The BIG rule is everyone is to have fun and enjoy the festival and it’s atmosphere.

All performances are subject to available groups