Liverpool WaVeS

Group Terms & Conditions

Thank you for expressing an interest to take part in Liverpool WaVeS International Music and Marching Band Festival. Referred to as LWM.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully.

You must acknowledge these terms and conditions with your stage 1 application.

The festival is for youth (including schools) and community music groups that use woodwind, brass, strings and associated percussion, drum lines / corps and dance groups. We will also welcome vocal groups. There is no limit to the ages or size of your group.

The group descriptions are listed at the end of these terms and conditions.

LWM aims to promote youth leadership and responsibility through music and performance so adult participation in youth / school performances is limited. Please ensure you read the performance section.

Expressions of interest will be accepted from any group provided you have no political, religious or social prejudice views or supports any such organisations.

The festival will the first weekend of July each year.

1. Agreement:

Agreement to participate in any LWM (Liverpool WaVeS International Music and Marching Band Festival) after completing and submitting the application with the administration fee. Yourself and or the organiser of the performance group agree to all of the following terms and conditions.

Application to participate:
See the full application documents for details of the application process.

All groups will need to upload an audition / promotional video of no more than 5 minutes maximum showcasing your overall performances.

LWM organising management will review all application auditions and their decision on participation is final and binding. There is no appeals process. We will send feedback if your application is not successful. You can without bias apply again in future years.

There is no guarantee that a participating group will be able to attend the festival the following year.

Each group must pay, a registration fee (included in your tour costs if organised by our partner tour operator) as a contribution towards festival and performing rights costs. The information on how to pay will be sent separately with the application information.

All participating groups will be receiving a token of participation.

2. Performances:

Details of your scheduled performances will be sent with your welcome pack

LWM will have an official organised event for the first weekend of July. 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Outside of these dates, LWM will assist with specific performances in and around Liverpool for groups who can only travel at other times of the year. Including, to be part of other events that are being held in the city.

All performances are to be “live”. No recorded music will be allowed unless agreed in advance by LWM organisers.

All performances are to have visual elements ensuring you meet our visual music requirement.

(a) Marching bands:

You must have a field display of approximately 10 minutes long (Max 15 mins).

(b) School and youth marching band performances:

When possible. Let us use this festival to give the young people a great opportunity to show their leadership skills.

(c) Community mixed and adult marching bands:

These performances should be done as you normally do as a band. There are no restrictions on participation or dress code. Please see the group descriptions listed at the end of this document.

(d) Non-Marching Groups:
School and youth performances:

LWM aims to give young people leadership and responsibility opportunities so we request if school and youth performances can be 50% student / youth lead.
If you have an alumni / graduate group and would like to do a joint performance with the accepted school / youth group. You will have to request this at the time of (or before) your conformation of acceptance to the festival and upon agreement you will be allowed to do a joint performance.

(e) Non-Marching Groups:
Community mixed and adult groups:

These performances should be done as you normally do as a group. There are no restrictions on participation or dress code. Please see the group descriptions listed at the end of this document.

(f) Showcase performances:
Marching bands:

You must have a field display of approximately 10 minutes long.

(g) Non-Marching Groups:

You must prepare a playing programme for stage performances of up to 60 minutes. Allow for announcements.

(h) Programme selection all groups:

The program content is entirely at the discretion of the groups ensuring that the selection is for entertainment (pop, jazz, musical theatre etc) from stage, screen (cinema) and television. If we have a clash of programme music, we will request a change. Changes will be spread evenly so, if 2 pieces clash on a stage performance we will request each group to change 1 music piece.

All music programmes have to be submitted no later than 4 months before the festival start date. You need to include composer / lyricist, arranger and any publisher reference numbers for performing rights to be paid. If you have adapted any pieces, you only need the original score details.

The order of performance for individual ensembles during the days of the festival and the duration of the performances themselves will be set by the LWM management.

Decisions will be based on the greatest possible visibility of the groups, the available space and to ensure the best success for the festival. Also considering the logistical and practical needs of the festival.

The time and place of the performances will be sent to you in your welcome pack.
LWM reserves the right to make any changes to the advertised programme due to circumstances beyond its control that may occur during the duration of the festival. This includes the location and the order of performances of individual groups previously agreed. LWM in such circumstances, will make the choices with respect to all participating groups and with the sole purpose of the best success of the festival.

All participants will have the opportunity to perform in at least 2 (two) parts of any LWM organised festival event.

3. All participants including groups applying to take part in LWM will be evaluated (video audition) for the following performances:

Street performance including; pop up and flash mob.

Stage performance indoor or outdoor.

Field marching display.

Festival finale parade:
This will be held on a Sunday afternoon.
All participating marching bands for the finale weekend are expected to attend this parade.

4. Visual music requirement:

All performances are to have a minimum 50% visual effect. This can be achieved by the use of movement within the group, the use of other performance groups such as dance, cheerleading, colour guards and showcase vocalists or other visual elements.

For marching bands, the inclusion of movements that are done within field displays are accepted as meeting this requirement.
If you would like to discuss this requirement, please contact us via email in the first instance.

5. Performing rights fees:

There are no international agreements for performing rights fees so they are charged in the country of the actual performance. The only exception is if you can prove with written official documentation that a publisher or composer has granted permission for you to specifically perform an individual piece at LWM with no charge.

LWM have the right to invoice to individuals / groups any outstanding PRS payments for music performed that had not been declared before 60 days of the festival start date.

6. Media coverage:

LWM reserves the exclusive right to use the photographic and/or audio-visual material submitted and related to LWM for advertising and promotional (including future) purposes of the festival itself. The participating groups, therefore, by agreeing these terms and conditions, authorise the use of this material for these purposes.

The participants and the participating groups are not entitled to any payment for photographic, audio visual, radio broadcasting and recordings that will be made. The participating groups, also, by signing these regulations, you or the leader of the performance group authorise the audio visual, photographic and filming of minors present in the individual groups, releasing LWM and its staff from any responsibility for the filming itself.

7. Responsibilities and safety:

All participants and groups taking part in any LWM must have all the correct insurances required for your own trip. Including for health and public liability when available.

LWM does not accept responsibility (unless by our negligence) for any accidents to persons or property during the festival and during the round trips of the groups or individuals themselves. The groups, therefore, will be responsible for any damage suffered or caused by their members to people and / or property (including the accommodation where they will be hosted) during the performances and their stay in and around any LWM event and during the journey to reach the festival and the return to their respective countries of origin.

LWM will not be responsible for any economic problems, health, injuries, accidents that may occur to members of any groups during the event and during the trip. The participating group leaders expressly assume all responsibility arising from participation in LWM and for the stay for minors in their group; LWM therefore, is released from any liability relating to the above description and specification.

In the unlikely event a member(s) of your group is / are involved in illegal or unacceptable activity your whole group will be stopped immediately from participating any further in LWM. A follow up report will be sent to the appropriate authorities in the UK and your home country.

8. Travel and expenses:

Travel from your country of origin to LWM including a round trip, all accommodation and food are entirely at the expense of the individuals and or groups. LWM itself does not contribute to the expenses that the groups will incur to participate in LWM.

LWM have agreed 2 tour operators to work independently to assist with the logistics of groups attending the festival. The cost of this service, including all transport, accommodation and food with the affiliated tour operators will be advantageous and will be discussed directly between the tour operator and interested participants.

Upon agreeing to engage with either of the 2 tour operators all contracts are exclusive between the tour operator and the participant(s). LWM are not liable in any respect for any contract details that any individual or group has with any tour operator.

If you elect to use your own tour operator, they must contact us direct so we can liaise the details for them to include in your tour.

9. Group descriptions:

We have best described the following groups as they are in the UK. If you have a different system (age) please let us know.

(a) School:

Groups made solely from current members of the applicant school up to and including age 18 years. The only exception are students who have been a member of the school and group in the last 3 school years and do not exceed the age of 21. See performance section.

(b) Youth:

Groups made solely from current members of the applicant organisation up to and including age 18 years.

The only exception are people who have been a member of the group in the last 3 years and do not exceed the age of 21. See performance section.

(c) Community Adult:

Groups made solely from current signed members of the applicant organisation who are all older than the school leaving age of 18 years.

(d) Community mixed:

Groups made from current signed members of the applicant organisation who are a mix of school age under 19 years and wider community ages of 19 years and older.